Christian Horner on changing engine regulations from the @FIA Friday press conference at 2011 British Grand Prix

I think that as [FIA Race director] Charlie [Whiting] will probably admit, it would have been best to deal with this at the end of the year, because it is tantamount to a rule change and when you enter the championship at the beginning of the year and you design your car around it ā€“ and let’s not forget that there’s other teams that have significantly designed their cars around this set of regulations ā€“ for them to suddenly change halfway through the year is cost, it’s time, it’s effort, it’s money and it’s confusing. It’s confusing to you, it’s confusing to the fans and it’s confusing to Formula One. So that’s where we are. I think hopefully we can now draw a line under it and move on. It’s probably not the last you’re going to hear about blown exhausts or whatever else is blown these days but hopefully we can now move on.


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