The 2015 #F1 calendar.

The 2015 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar begins Mar. 15 in Australia and goes to Nov. 29 in Abu Dhabi.

There is a new race in Mexico City on Nov. 1. Korea also returns to the calendar, although it is to be confirmed.

No big changes otherwise, with the order remaining pretty much the same, with China and Bahrain swapping spots as the only deviation from 2014, apart from the addition of Korea before Spain and Mexico between Austin and Brazil.

The summer break goes from the end of the Hungarian GP on July 26 to the Belgian GP on Aug. 23.


  1. 15: Grand Prix of Australia
  2. 29: Grand Prix of Malaysia
  3. 12: Grand Prix of China
  4. 19: Grand Prix of Bahrain
  5. May 3: Grand Prix of Korea (TBC)
  6. May 10: Grand Prix of Spain
  7. May 24: Grand Prix of Monaco
  8. June 7: Grand Prix of Canada
  9. June 21: Grand Prix of Austria
  10. July 5: Grand Prix of Great Britain
  11. July 19: Grand Prix of Germany
  12. July 26: Grand Prix of Hungary
  13. 23: Grand Prix of Belgium
  14. 6: Grand Prix of Italy
  15. 20: Grand Prix of Singapore
  16. 27: Grand Prix of Japan
  17. 11: Grand Prix of Russia (Sochi)
  18. 25: Grand Prix of USA (Austin)
  19. 1: Grand Prix of Mexico
  20. 15: Grand Prix of Brazil
  21. Nov. 29: Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

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