Does anyone really believe @nico_rosberg didn’t want to win in Italy? #F1

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It connects people who would never
be connected, it allows for collaboration where there would be none, and it can help people gain access to services that they would never otherwise see in their lives.

Unfortunately, the Internet also enables some of the most amazing
stupidity ever imagined on this earth to be disseminated to a large

A case in point are the reports circulating today that Mercedes driver
Nico Rosberg deliberately ran through the escape road on Lap 24 of the
Italian Grand Prix to allow teammate Lewis Hamilton to overtake.

It’s unclear where this one came from , but anyone with even a limited
knowledge of racing and Formula One would know that there’s no driver
on this planet who would act deliberately to give up a lead and
possible win.

Now team orders may come into play at times, but it’s also guaranteed
that the guy who has to give up the position is rarely happy about it.

But anyone who actually entertained the idea that Rosberg missed his
braking point and drove down on purpose should stop writing about
Formula One. Period.


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