Journalists need to keep Hamilton-Rosberg clash in perspective

I often find it amazing how reporters simply don’t listen. Or maybe I
should say it’s a problem that they only hear what they want to hear

Although some see it as something associated with the Internet Age where websites try to outdo each other to attract readers and therefore ratchet up stories to get attention, “mainstream media” also seem to get caught up in the sensational wave.

This happened after the controversial collision between Mercedes teammates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton on the second lap of Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix when many stories appeared that screamed that the former hit the latter deliberately.

This suggestion came from a quote from Hamilton who told reporters in Spa that “we just had a meeting about it and he basically said he did it on

That quote had website after website, including several UK newspapers running headlines and stories saying
that Rosberg admitted guilt and intentionally caused the accident.

The truth is that Hamilton was playing politics with the meeting and
sensationalising the words of his teammate, who it seems essentially
said that he didn’t give ground to prove a point.

There’s a huge difference between standing your ground and purposely
crashing into another driver.

And reporters should have pointed that out.

Many didn’t and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff needed to speak out to ensure the situation didn’t continue to be overblown.

He defended Rosberg after Hamilton’s comments, saying it was basically baloney to think the accident was deliberate.

“Nico felt he needed to hold his line. He needed to make a point, and for Lewis, it was clearly not him who needed to be aware of Nico. [Rosberg] didn’t give in. He thought it was for Lewis to leave him space, and that Lewis didn’t leave him space,” Wolff said Sunday.

“So they agreed to disagree in a very heated discussion amongst
ourselves, but it wasn’t deliberately crashing. That is nonsense.”


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