OK, WTF is going on at @Autodromo_Monza?

It was bad enough to learn late last week that the runoff at the famed Parabolica had been paved, thus ruining another of Formula One’s most famous and challenging corners.

Where the high-speed right hand corner once punished those who dared overstep, there now will be an easy escape for those who don’t respect it’s power. The Parabolica joins Suzuka’s 130R and Spa’s Eau Rouge as once fierce corners that have been neutered.

If that weren’t enough, NBC Sport’s Will Buxton tweeted today that the old banking at Monza is being concreted, apparently due to structural issues.

Read that again, not being restored, but covered in concrete.

Let’s hope that something was lost in translation here and the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza actually has a plan in place to restore the banking that had regrettably fallen into a terrible state of disrepair.

It doesn’t ever have to be used again, but it should be restored to its original glory as a tribute to all the legendary names who raced on its surface.

Luckily, the banking escaped demolition about 35 years ago, but if this is its fate, then saving it only to have it covered in concrete is just as sad an end to an invaluable part of racing history.


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